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A Natural Defense Against Infection

Scientists recognize that nasal dryness increses vulnerability to the common cold and flu.
SkyCap promotes nasal moisture - a natural defense against infection, allergies and nasal congestion!



Health Research

" it is the low relative humidity in aircraft cabins that increases susceptibility to colds rather than a higher viral load in the air”
Journal of Environmental Health Research

"Cold weather also may make the inside lining of your nose drier and more vulnerable to viral infection.."
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

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"Good Housekeeping"
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"I love this stuff"
I travel 8-10 times a year on an airplane. Many times I have caught a cold while flying because... More

"I will stick to using SkyCap"
After trying SkyCap for myself, traveling to Las Vegas and South Lake Tahoe, and liking the results... More

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SkyCap Products is excited to introduce a revolutionary new nasal hygiene product. Skycap moisturizing nasal swabs have been clinically tested to prevent nasal dryness in extremely dry, heated environments. This is crucial to support our natural respiratory defenses known as muco-ciliary clearance and maintaining nasal hygiene. Sustaining nasal moisture is critical for your nose to filter out bacteria, viruses and pollen while maintaining clear nasal passages. For people living in dry, desert, heated or air conditioned environments, maintaining nasal moisture is a major challenge that increases vulnerability to the common cold, flu, allergies and congestion. Skycap is drug, zinc and saline free and contains two natural moisturizers that have been clinically proven to prevent nasal dryness. Airline travel also increases your chances to get sick due to humidity levels dropping to 5 percent and proximity to other travelers. Skycap comes in convenient, easy to use pre-saturated swabs for use at work, traveling, at high altitudes or in high risk of infection environments. Finally a drug free nasal hygiene product that supports your own natural respiratory defense systems–try it today.

Skycap Study Results

Study design: This was a single blinded randomized controlled study where 12 subjects had the nasal mucosa of one nostril treated with Skycap and the other with a control (not knowing which was treated with what product). They were then exposed to an extremely dry, low humidity environment for a prolonged period of time. When asked after, from which nostril it was easier to breathe, 75% responded that it was the nostril treated with Skycap. When asked which side felt less dry and more lubricated, 67% responded that it was the side treated with Skycap…